GEARART Launches the World’s First Custom Phone Case Service for Private, Personal Art

August 5, 2022

GEARART phone case designed by a true artist

GEARART’s Design For You Service is the first custom phone case design service where the customer can request designs, which will be made by true artists.

GEARART is a special product that connects art and people's stories.”
— Mr. NG

HONG KONG, CHINA, August 5, 2022 / -- GEARART’s Design For You Service is the first custom phone case design service where the customer can request designs, which will be made by true artists. To understand the impact of this service can only be understood when one examines how art, healing, and spirituality connect with one another.

Custom Phone Case with Art Close to The Heart
The Design For You service from GEARART is based on the emerging trend of spirituality and personalization among Gen Z and Millennials.

GEARART takes into account how self-improvement and experience became the main keyword during the throes of the pandemic. Thereby emerged a desire to consciously consume products that promote healing. More people question how a product would serve them spiritually over necessity or the desire to show off.

A study by Vice Magazine found that 54% of the Gen Z and Millennial crowd seeks products that nourish their soul. Adweek’s survey had 77% of the young consumer base admit they prefer brands whose values align with their own. The commonality between these products is that they’re on the organic side and people connect to them on an emotional level.

The experience a product brings or the memory associated with the product has more value than the product itself to the consumers.

GEARART offers the healing experience of recounting a story, choosing a theme, colors, and words to engrave. The customer creates art by proxy with their intention behind their choice, while the artists on GEARART’s rosters take care of the actual drawing.

The commissioned artwork from the artists of GEARART is then permanently engraved on a phone case. People carry their mobile phones everywhere, thus bringing a constant reminder of the experience and art of their loved friends, family, or pet with them.

How Design For You Works
The goal of Design For You is to provide catharsis of sorts to the customers.

● The customers choose who the phone case would be designed for. It can be themselves, their friends, or family.
● Next, they have to choose the theme, as in birthday, anniversary, pets, or just pure nostalgia.
● A color for the theme to express the deeper emotions of the customers.
● A style ranging from cartoon to realistic painting.
● The customers can add texts, specifically if there’s a motivational saying they always want to carry with them.
● Lastly, any information about the theme. This is where the customers can take the time to work through their emotions.
● A picture for reference.

To buy a phone case from the Design For You Service of GEARART, customers have to visit

Along with Design For You, GEARART has a #petswithGEARART initiative where customers can share the stories of their pets and GEARART phone cases on their social. All entries will get a 50% Off coupon for the next purchase at GEARART and a chance to win up to $300 in cash.

The Story Behind GEARART
The idea behind Design For You came from the co-founder’s - Mr. NG - own experience.

Mr. NG used to be involved in the mobile phone case marketing department of CASEKOO, the parent brand of GEARART.

Extremely close to his 75-year-old grandmother, Mr. NG would take the time to drive 3 hours to his grandmother’s cottage every weekend.

When the workload became so overbearing and he had to slow down on his visits, he left his adorable, somewhat terrified British shorthair cat, Gig, with his grandma. They quickly became friends and Gig acted as a sort of spiritual replacement for Mr. NG.

Gig passed away in the third year of his stay with his grandma. Mr.NG commissioned an artist friend to create a painting of Gig with his grandmother, after realizing they don’t have a real picture together.

When his friends saw the custom phone case he created with the artistic rendition of Gig, MR. NG noted the curiosity brimming in them.

The idea for Design For You is to create artwork in lieu of the pictures they failed to take with their beloved. It is also a modern-day version of the private art commission that was popular in the times of monarchs.

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